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The official service of the British public,
She prowls the street corners.
She knows her next dose is on his way,
Its just a matter of when.
20 minutes work, £20 in her pocket
Shed get a taxi but she might be seen
On the run from the police, its a risk she cant take
She is destined for life like this

Jackie was a young girl, who had big plans
Now shes just another name on the UB40
On the dole, with an illegal part time job
She needs the money, cos she needs the dope.

Her mind is a hurricane of ways to cheat
She hates this life; can you really call it that?
Small screaming children ruin her day
And the men who cheated her are to blame
No one knows about her, no one gives a toss
Shes one of the invisible people you know
She is the personification of inner pain
But to the government shes a pain in the ass
Jess helped me a bit with some ideas for this but i wrote most of it
ArticSnow666 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2004
i like this!!! its the evil trendies :chainsaw: of the worlds future lives!!
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November 9, 2004
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